Emily xx

We started boating 18 years ago with a 20′ sports boat and gradually stepped up to a 42′ sports cruiser, we enjoyed every moment of it. But… we wanted to spend longer periods on a boat and in the long term would like to visit France, Belgium etc.

We started looking at barges and very soon we decided we liked the look of boats made by Piper. We began by stalking various Piper Boats that we came across on the Thames, mooring close by them when we got the chance, talking to the owners and often being invited aboard to view their boats. We noted the types and sizes and listened to the owners who were all very proud of their boats. We started to look at what was on the market at the time and came across Nauti Buoy a 49M but discounted her because of price and we were not sure about the colour. Approximately 6 months later in September 2016, some friends who were upriver called us to say they were moored near a beautiful barge called NB and it was still for sale! Long story short and after viewing her and many discussions with Reg (previous owner) we decided that we would like to buy NB to see if it suited us, but we really wanted to have the opportunity to commission our own build if we could. 

NB and the M range suits us best, coming from a sports cruiser we find the open wheelhouse/rear deck very sociable. We really have enjoyed NB; it’s a great boat and we are looking to pass her on to appreciative new owners. NB’s colour of Sea Foam has really grown on us and has attracted so many compliments, everyone says she stands out!

Life got in the way which delayed our plans, so 5 years later and after several visits to both the Henley show and Piper’s factory, we put a deposit down on a 60M.

Why the 60M: again, great open wheelhouse and rear deck just as we have now but with an extra cabin and wet room for our growing brood of grandsons (6).  Choosing the layout, equipment and colours have been a superb experience, especially with the Piper Teams help and guidance.

Emily xx has bought us great joy and she is not even complete yet! Discussing and debating every aspect of the boat has eased the long lockdown and winter period. Visits during the build have shown us why we chose Piper, the build quality and finishes being achieved are fantastic.

We think owning NB first and talking to so many other owners has enabled us to plan and build a boat to our exact requirements.

Emily xx colour scheme took us a while to decide and photos and journals of great boats such as Quo Vadis, Axiom and Jangus have helped us enormously.

She is due to be launched after Easter and we are looking forward to many hours on the Thames and when we eventually retire, we look forward to taking her further afield.

Sandra & Rick from Weybridge, Surrey.