La-Bas on Tour

We have arrived at our winter mooring… its late October and the canal is closed to navigation for 4 months (2 months in advance, due to lack of water).
It doesn’t matter, we calmly welcome this break after an incredible season.

Leaving Sillery (Reims), we went to Toul, Metz and Luxembourg on the Moselle, Germany on the Sarre, Sarreguemines, Strasbourg, on the Rhine, Mulhouse, Besançon, the Saône and Saint-Jean de Losne (a must-see for a Piper barge ), Lyon, Avignon on the Rhône, the Camargue, Sète, Béziers, Carcassonne and finally Castelnaudary on the Canal du Midi and all this, without rushing of course, at our snail’s pace.

We benefited from extraordinary weather throughout the trip and were amazed by the magnificent landscapes.

Rest and more terrestrial adventures now, although we will spend a lot of time on board this winter we have a beautiful region to explore.

Patrice & Christine