St Usage 2021

The Salon Fluvial in St Jean de Losne was a much quieter affair this year with the uncertainty around the Covid restrictions in place. The community decided, quite late on, to actually go ahead with the event on a lower key.

Once again, the Piper owners smashed it with 17 owners bringing their boats along, it almost felt like an invasion of the town.

Simon and the team drove straight down from the Henley event to St Usage as it was hosted the following weekend from Henley.

The Friday evening is normally a few drinks at the house and a chance to generally catch up with friends. This year we decided to do something a bit more special, so we were helped by friends in St Usage who put on a typically French apero. This developed into a very substantial apero with some great Bourgogne wines and superb food. Special thanks to Helen, Yvonne, Ursula and Lynette for helping out with this. We have been working very hard on the house in France, so it was very touching seeing the house being used for this social evening.

Saturday was a great day with a steady stream of potential owners wandering up and down the key. All of the owners put a lot of effort in with bunting on every boat, it was a very colourful display!

The Saturday evening saw 70 Piper guests at Le Bouchon Losnais restaurant on the town Quay National where Brice and his team provided a full a la carte menu to perfection. 

As always Sunday was a little subdued, but we saw some serious interest in the Piper Boats. 

Sales wise we managed to welcome 3 new family members which considering the cost change post-Brexit was absolutely fantastic. The next Salon fluvial is in April next year so we are expecting further sales then from the salon 2021. Simon est très heureux.