Latest Launch – Affinity a 49M Motor Dutch style barge

49M Affintity Piper Boats Dutch BargeAffinity a 49M Motor Dutch style barge. This is Gerald and Janet’s third Piper boat. The last boat the couple had delivered was a boat called Lautrec which was Piper Boats’ first 49M Motor, built in early 2014.

Gerald and Janet will be attending the Piper Henley event before having Affinity transported to spend the winter in Belgium. Gerald and Janet have had a tremendous amount of input into Affinity and between us we have crafted a unique and bespoke Dutch boat.

We did not quite meet the intended delivery before our summer shutdown so we are delivering Affinity down to the Thames in the first week of September, ready for our Henley-On-Thames Piper Regatta event!


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