LATEST LAUNCHES – Emily-Anne, 60M Motor – Uni-vers, 57N Nivernais

Emily Anne 60M Motor Class Dutch Style Barge Barge Piper Boats Biddulph

Emily-Anne, a 60M Motor Class Dutch style barge. Peter and Margaret took delivery of a beautiful 60M Motor finished in Corona Green Jotun paint. Emily-Anne was launched in July and is due to spend the summer meandering along the Thames.

Uni-vers Piper Boats 57N Nivernais Class Stoke-on-Trent Dutch Style Barge

Uni-vers, a 57N Nivernais class Dutch barge bespoke built for Rene Forque from Valance. Rene’s boat was completed at the end of July. She was looking magnifique as she left our yard, destination Nieuwpoort. Phil and Vinnie went across to launch her and were met by Rene and the ever-present head of international relations, Ivan.