10th anniversary to ‘La Vie en Rose’

The years fly by, I’m about to retire.

It’s unbelievable, but it has been 10 years now since I got my 49ft sailaway barge from Piper’s.

After an adventurous transfer to Hamburg, the barge became my apartment. The few furnishings from my previous life found space on board, and soon it became very cozy. One ton of coal is enough for a warm winter time. Of course, there were a few problems at the beginning: mainly condensation and insulation. But after 2 years at the latest, all these problems were eliminated, and I was able to pursue a regular working life in Hamburg.

As an IT specialist, it was not difficult for me to install a computer-controlled electrical system: light, heating, ventilation, alarms, etc. – a complete control of the limited electrical resources. So I can even get by with a 10 amp fused shore power line. The last achievement is two solar panels that make me independent of the grid throughout the summer. If I had known that, I would have asked Simon to make the roof long enough for 4 panels. But no matter, it’s enough …

What can be said in summary after 10 years?

The Piper 49N is completely adequate. All the necessary things for a comfortable life are on board: kitchen (fully equipped), bathroom (incl shower and washing machine), bedroom, large living room and the beautiful deckhouse with a panoramic view. The division proposed by Simon has proven itself all these years; the quality of material and workmanship is absolutely top class.

I am already looking forward to gondola my way through France with this handy boat in the coming years. For today I would like to end with my best thanks to the Piper shipyard for this perfect boat.

Maybe we’ll see you again soon in Saint-Jean-de-Losne?

Many warm greetings from Hamburg,

Martin – La Vie en Rose